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Q: Is the Bull’s Eye on Food program compatible with my operating system?

A: Yes, Bull’s Eye on Food is compatible with all operating systems. If accessed from a computer with internet access, all Bull’s Eye on Food features should be fully functional.

Q: Exactly how many recipes are available with my membership?
A: Bull’s Eye on Food offers over 80 recipes from Chef David J. Bull. We focus on quality not quantity, so as you continue your annual membership to Bull’s Eye on Food, you will gain access to more outstanding recipes from Chef Bull, as well as any enhancements to the program as they become available. 
Q: How is Bull’s Eye on Food different from the hundreds of other computer-based recipe software programs on the market?
A: Bull’s Eye on Food focuses on quality and ease of preparation rather than on quantity and universal serving numbers. With Bull’s Eye on Food, you can be sure that the recipe works for one person or an entire dinner party, since the serving size calculator automatically adapts the ingredients and the generated grocery list to accomodate whatever number you’re preparing for.
Q: So when I alter the number of servings and the ingredients change, what happens to the Bull’s Eye on Food directions?
A: All of the recipe directions have been written in a manner that will work for any number of servings. Don’t be discouraged when the directions remain unchanged. For example, if an original recipe calls for ½ teaspoon of salt and in step 3 you need to add ¼ teaspoon of salt, the direction will simply say, “add half of the kosher salt.” Therefore, even when you increase the ingredients, you will still be adding the same proportion of salt.
Q: Each recipe in the Bull’s Eye on Food Collection provides a list of necessities to ensure I have all the necessary appliances before cooking. Will this list be altered if I increase or decrease the serving size on the program?
A: You’ll need to use your own judgment when you change serving numbers. Chances are if you triple the number of servings, you’re going to need a larger bowl or pan! And vice versa for reducing the serving number.
Q: If I get an error message when logging in, what could be the problem?
A: Since Bull’s Eye on Food program operates online, you must have a solid, continual Internet connection! A disconnected Internet connection is the most common cause for log-in errors.
Q: How will I know when new recipes are added to the collection or if there’s been an upgrade in the program capabilities?
A: Unlike many software programs on the market, when you subscribe to Bull’s Eye on Food, you’re not just tapping into a stagnant listing of recipes. With Bull’s Eye on Food you are part of a dynamic resource that is continuously evolving. As a member of our community, you will receive email updates alerting you to exciting new dishes and functions of Bull’s Eye on Food.
Q: Can I use Bull’s Eye on Food  on my Mac computer?
A: Yes! Bull’s Eye on Food is accessible from any type of computer that can access the internet.
Q: What kind of cell phone do I need in order to use the Send to Email/PDA feature?
A: Any cell phone that can receive email can receive a grocery list using the Send to PDA/Email feature. This feature can also be used to send to someone’s email inbox to be printed.

Q:  What if some of the Bull’s Eye on Food features are not functioning or displaying correctly on my cookbook?

A: We are continuously adding and enhancing Bull’s Eye on Food features.  If any of the features are not functioning correctly, first try clearing the cache in your internet browser. If this does not correct the problem, please submit a contact request and a member of the Bull’s Eye on Food Technical Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Will Bull’s Eye on Food work with my internet browser?

A: Bull’s Eye on Food will function successfully on the latest two versions of all browsers.  If you have and older version, some Bull’s Eye on Food features may not function properly.  To download an updated version of your browser, see your browser's Help menu. 

Q: The Bull’s Eye on Food website format seems distorted, making it hard to follow.  How can I fix this?

A: Websites will often display differently on different computer screens with different default settings.  If the Bull’s Eye on Food site appears distorted, try adjusting the zoom/display settings on your browser. This varies for different browsers, so see your browser’s Help menu for further instructions.

Q: What is the best way to use the Pairing Search Page?

A: The Pairings search feature allows you to perform very general recipe searches by a beverage category, such alcoholic or non-alcoholic, as well as narrower searches by a specific type of beverage and/or grape varietal, if searching for wine.  For example, if you have a bottle of Chardonnay that you would like to drink and need to find a recipe to pair with it, go to the pairings page and click the + box on the Alcoholic category.  This will open all of the alcoholic categories.  You can then click the + box on Wine, then the + box on White Wine, narrowing your search by one level each time.  You will then see the list of all white wine varietals that the cookbook offers.  Select Chardonnay, by checking the box to the left, and click Search at the bottom of the page.  All recipes that are recommended to pair with Chardonnay will appear in the Search Results on the right side of your screen.

Q: How do I change my member login password?

A: Changing your password is really simple!  Click the member center button and login using your existing password. Once you’ve logged into your member center, click on the Change Password link.  Type in your new password two times and click submit to confirm your password change.

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